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How do coaches earn with Blex?

Here's a quick summary of how you can start earning as a coach with Blex. You'll also see how to increase your earning and take home more money each month.

Create Your Coaching Profile

First There are no Fees ti sign up as coach. All it takes is signing up through the blex Portal, and once approved, you can set your coaching hours, availability, and timelines, so you work on your own time.

Start Coaching

Once your profile is live, you'll be matched with users and can begin accepting coaching request. Blex users are encouraged to select coaching pakages/bundles. So, you have more opportunities to increase tour number of completed sessions. There are no limits on how many sessions you can accept.

Move Up the Ladder

Move up through the Blex tiers quickly and enjoying additional perks. You'll start as a Blex Beginner with 0-100 completed coaching sessions. The next tier is Blex Core with 101-250 completed sessions. Blex Supreme coaches also get featuerd as top coaches.

Start Earning Bonuses

Once you hit Blex Core and Blex Supreme levels, you have a chance to start earning bonuses. Blex Core coaches with a 90% acceptance rate for coaching sessions earn a 10% monthly bonus. Blex Supreme coachies with a 95% acceptance rate for coaching sessions anjoy 20% monthly bonuses.

Tips to increase your earning potential.

Top FAQs from our coaches

How and when do I get paid?
You'll get paid monthly on a 1099 on a 30-day trailing basis. Keep track of your earnings and completed sessions in the app.
How are bonuses calculated?
You're eligible for a bonus as a Blex Core or Blex Supreme coach. To qualify, you must:
  • Have the number of completed coaching sessions
  • Maintain the required session acceptance rates
The rates for users decrease the higher the bundles. Do I earn less?
No. That's the beauty of coaching through Blex. Even though your clients get discounts for buying more, you still get your base rate and the option for bonuses if you're a Blex Core of Blex Supreme coach.

Ready to start earning more as a coach?

Blex is the app for coaches who want to earn more while hepling the Black community improve their sex life and relationships. Join the movement to improve Black intimacy. Become a part of the Blex family today and start earning

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